Top 6 Things You Need to Know before Buying a House in Utah

In Utah, potential homebuyers should keep in mind that finding the perfect home can be an arduous process, as the state’s regulations and regulations can be quite stringent. Furthermore, the real estate market in Utah is highly competitive, so buyers should be prepared to put in the extra effort to secure a property. By being mindful of these factors, buyers should be able to find the perfect home and make it their own.

1. Attorneys

Hiring a real estate attorney is not legally required in Utah, but it is a good idea to budget for one. Investing in legal counsel can be very beneficial when purchasing a home; the paperwork and language associated with the transaction can be complex and expensive, so it is wise to get professional advice.

2. Closing costs

Closing costs are the additional expenses incurred when purchasing a property, on top of the down payment. In Utah, the average closing costs in 2021 for purchasing a single-family home are $6,905 (with taxes) and $3860 (without taxes). So, before buying a home, you may need to cover some additional costs, such as a title policy for your lender, lender fees, an appraisal fee, and various other costs, while the seller usually shoulders the costs for title insurance. Just make sure to set aside money for these costs when buying a property.

3. Seller’s Disclosure

In Utah, home sellers must provide buyers with a disclosure form that outlines any possible issues or defects that could affect the value of the property. So, home buyers should review this form closely to ensure they are aware of any zoning or previous water damage. If the buyer has any additional questions or concerns, they should ask the seller, as they are legally required to answer truthfully.

4. Dual Agency

In Utah, it is permissible for a real estate agent to represent both the seller and the buyer in a property sale. This practice is known as the dual agency and requires the completion of a form. When it is in effect, the agent will act as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller, balancing the interests of both sides in the transaction.

5. Property Taxes

Property taxes in Utah are relatively low compared to other states. The Utah Tax Commission sets the general rate, but then local governments decide how much each property owner needs to pay. Generally, the rate is 0.59% of the assessed value of the property. 

6. Climate Considerations

You need to make sure that your home in Utah is properly insured. In addition to the standard homeowners’ insurance, you should be aware of some of the extra risks that could affect your home, such as wildfires and avalanches. Make sure your policy includes coverage for any damage caused by a natural disaster.

For instance, wildfires are common in Utah, with an average of about 800 to 1000 wildfires, causing a lot of damage every summer. Also, mountain towns may also be at risk for avalanches, so it is important to make sure your policy has coverage for that as well.


Buying a house in Utah can be an exciting journey if you take the time to educate yourself about the process. Knowing the top 7 things you need to know before buying a house here will ensure you make the best decisions for yourself and your family. From understanding the climate and hiring attorneys to considering property taxes and preparing for closing costs, understanding of the process will ensure you make the best purchase possible. So, if you’re ready to make the move to Utah, get ready to make a great investment in your future!

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