Design Center

Welcome to Salisbury Homes Design Center.

We believe the home design process should be an exciting and enjoyable experience. Which is why we make it affordable to upgrade the features you want without burdening you with ones you don’t. We have options for everything from flooring, countertops, cabinets, paint colors, and more.

Designing your home is fun, but crucial to get the features that are most important to your family. Here are a few helpful hints to begin the process of designing your dream home.

• Know which selections are standard for your home and which are extra-cost optional features.

The options sheets and flyers provide you with this information for your house plan. Make a wish list that reflects the look and feel you are hoping to express in your home. Bring pictures and descriptions of exactly what you want for items not listed on the options sheet.

• Identify which options are of the highest priority for your family and lifestyle.

Need an extension to the Dining Area? Maybe more electrical or plumbing would be useful. Have kids or pets? Stain-resistant carpet might make life easier.

• Look through our model homes and homes under construction for color ideas.

Note the cabinet, counter top, appliance, and flooring options you see as you look around. These elements can set the style and mood of your home.

• Bring cushions, swatches or photos to match the style of your current decor.

All items in the design center may vary from the model and other homes in the area.