Build an Accessible Custom Home in Utah County for Aging in Place

As we age, our mobility and physical capabilities can change, making it vital to consider the accessibility and functionality of our living spaces. Designing a custom home in Utah County that accommodates aging in place allows you and your loved ones to continue living comfortably and independently within your home as you grow older. Crafting a home that caters to these needs not only enhances your quality of life but may also increase your property’s long-term value by appealing to buyers with similar requirements.

No matter your current age or stage in life, planning an accessible custom home in Utah County with aging in place in mind ensures that your residence remains a welcoming, comfortable, and practical space that adapts to your changing requirements. Join us as we delve into the world of accessible design, exploring the key features and elements necessary to create a custom home that supports your long-term needs and promotes independent living for years to come.

Single-Level Living and Adaptable Floor Plans

Designing a custom home in Utah County with single-level living and adaptable floor plans can provide the foundation for a comfortable and accessible living environment for aging in place:

  1. Single-Level Design: Eliminating stairs and creating a single-level residence can significantly improve accessibility and mobility. This layout ensures that all essential living spaces, including the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, are easily accessible without having to navigate cumbersome stairs.
  1. Open Concept Living: Emphasizing open floor plans not only creates a more spacious and inviting atmosphere but also allows for smoother navigation between living spaces.
  1. Flexible Room Configurations: Design your custom home with adaptable spaces that can serve multiple purposes, such as a guest room that can be converted into a main-floor master suite or a home office that could later be transformed into a care provider’s quarters.

Accessible Fixtures and Amenities

Incorporating accessible fixtures and amenities into your Utah County custom home design can enhance safety and ease of use, accommodating mobility challenges and physical limitations:

  1. Barrier-Free Showers: Create a safe, step-free shower entry with curbless showers to reduce the risk of falls and improve accessibility for those with reduced mobility.
  1. Grab Bars and Handrails: Install grab bars and handrails in strategic locations, such as bathrooms, hallways, and entry points, to provide extra support and enhance safety throughout the home.
  1. Adjustable Countertops and Cabinets: Consider including adjustable countertops and cabinets to accommodate different height requirements, allowing for easy access regardless of the user’s mobility or physical abilities.
  1. Lever Handles: Replace traditional doorknobs with lever-style handles to enable effortless operation, particularly for those with limited manual dexterity or strength.

Safety Enhancements for Aging in Place

Incorporate safety-enhancing features into your custom home design to promote a secure living environment that supports aging in place:

  1. Non-Slip Flooring: Choose non-slip flooring materials, such as slip-resistant tile or luxury vinyl plank, for high-risk areas like bathrooms and kitchens to minimize the risk of falls.
  1. Ample Lighting: Design your home with plentiful lighting, including well-lit pathways, task lighting, and ambient illumination, to improve visibility and reduce the risk of accidents.
  1. Home Security and Automation Systems: Integrate a comprehensive home security system and home automation technologies, such as smart thermostats and automated lighting controls, to enhance safety, convenience, and energy efficiency.

Universal Design Principles for an Accessible Custom Home

Universal design principles can guide the creation of a custom home in Utah County that is both accessible and aesthetically pleasing:

  1. Wide Doorways and Hallways: Design your home with wider doorways and hallways to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers, or muscular assistance devices, as well as facilitate the movement of furniture and large appliances.
  1. Ample Turning Space: Ensure that each room has enough clearance for wheelchair users to turn around comfortably, fostering greater mobility and ease of use.
  1. Seamless Entryways: Design entryways with minimal steps, ramps, and threshold modifications to provide ease of access and reduce tripping hazards.
  1. Aesthetic Integration: Incorporate accessible and safety-enhancing features in a manner that corresponds seamlessly with your custom home’s aesthetics, ensuring that these elements enhance rather than detract from its overall design.

Create Your Accessible Utah County Custom Home with Salisbury Homes

Designing a custom home in Utah County that caters to aging in place requires thoughtful planning, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the specific needs that accompany the aging process. By incorporating single-level living, adaptable floor plans, accessible fixtures and amenities, and safety enhancements in your custom home design, you can create a comfortable and accommodating living environment that supports your long-term needs and promotes independent living.

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